Trina McNeill
Photographer, Blogger & Web Designer
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LocationSacramento, California
Current WorkOf Trees and Hues


"Latrina is a photographer, blogger and web designer. She’s captivated by nature and the endless possibilities of exploration, and can often be found wandering off somewhere in the wilds capturing life in all it’s glory. She started the design and lifestyle blog, Of Trees and Hues, back in 2012 to help foster her creativity and to document her travels and life stories as well as to curate a place to help encourage others to live enriched and adventurous lives. Latrina greatly enjoys being a part of the creative community and continues to strive to foster support and a sense of togetherness in the creative world. When she’s not taking photographs or designing, you can often find her soaking in the sun along the Pacific Coast, road-tripping with her husband, sipping a cappuccino at her favorite local coffee shop or completely immersed in a good book.”