InstructorCorina Nika
TypeOnline Course
Price€ 90
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How do you design your brand identities from start to finish? For this course we will talk about all the steps to create the most suitable process for you. Whether you’re designing a brand identity or creating in general, this course will help you get organised, provide you with templates to work on and perfect your process by making it fun, appealing and easy to understand for both you and your clients.

So how do you start when you’re designing for yourself or a client? Whether that’s a brand identity, a website or a layout – anything creative you put your mind onto, the right design process will help you make the most of your skills ensuring a great result. Here is a video preview of this course:


On the first day, we will cover all the steps before working on the project. What you need to know, how to prepare yourself, what to ask your clients. Create a plan of all the things you need to do upfront. You will be able to download templates such as questionnaires for yourself, to do lists, brand concept presentations and lots of others.


Starting the design process, the course will talk about the silver lining when working on projects, so the process makes both you and your client happy. From beginning to file production, at the end of the course you will know how many rounds you should do, how many concepts to present to your clients, what your terms are and how to present the concepts so they are in line with your brand.

All students will have access to the Branding Process course for unlimited time, and will be able to chat with the instructor via email about any questions that might arise, or join the closed Facebook Group provided inside each course and discuss with instructors and other students as well. This way you can visually see projects and exercises added by other students and exchange opinions. The Course has been designed in a way to be interesting and helpful for all kinds of creatives.

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