InstructorCorina Nika
TypeOnline Course
Price€ 140
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Hand Lettering seems to be trending for quite a while now! And it definitely should as it elevates any design. This course will help you dig a little deeper and improve your style, editing skills and discover some new techniques.

Whether you’re new to the hand lettering process or already have made your first steps, the Hand Lettering Course will cover from start to finish how to letter the most beautiful words. This course will provide you with tools, knowledge and a little something more, to keep practising and discover your own unique style.


On the first day of the Hand Lettering course we will cover the basics of the Hand Lettering process. What brushes, paper and materials in general are appropriate for different styles. We will also make an introduction to digital lettering.


Now let’s talk about traditional lettering! All you need to know to liberate that hand of yours, with videos and step by step tutorials. We’ll also talk about different techniques of digitalising your traditional art and editing in Photoshop and Illustrator. Here is a video preview of Day 2:


Digital Lettering day! A graphic tablet for this part is essential. You will be provided with files to practise on while you watch the video tutorials. Will talk about digital brushes and ways to perfect your digital lettering. Here is a video preview of Day 3:

All students will have access to the Hand Lettering course for unlimited time, and will be able to chat with the instructor via email about any questions that might arise, or join the closed Facebook Group provided inside each course and discuss with instructors and other students as well. This way you can visually see projects and exercises added by other students and exchange opinions. The Course has been designed in a way to be interesting and helpful for all kinds of creatives.

Section 1Hand lettering Introduction
Section 2Traditional Hand lettering
Section 3Digital Hand lettering