InstructorCorina Nika
TypeOnline Course
Price€ 280
*This course’s availability period has expired. It is only available for students who have purchased it.*
This first Course started in 2015 as a bundle package, to help designers, creatives and bloggers up their design game. One week, covering three of the most popular topics. Guiding you through step by step with video tutorials, in the process of designing graphics, hand letterings and teaching you a right way to organise your design process. You will be able to download the files used in the video tutorials to practice on.


The One Week Design Courses includes all following courses (Preview videos available on each course):


All students will have access to the courses for unlimited time, and will be able to chat with the instructor via email about any questions that might arise, or join the closed Facebook Group provided inside each course and discuss with instructors and other students as well. This way you can visually see projects and exercises added by other students and exchange opinions. The Course has been designed in a way to be interesting and helpful for all kinds of creatives.


Section 1Hand lettering Introduction
Section 2Traditional Hand lettering
Section 3Digital Hand lettering
Section 4Branding Process prt.1
Section 5Branding Process prt.2
Section 6Layout Design prt.1
Section 7Layout Design prt.2