InstructorTrina McNeill
TypeOnline Course
Price€ 180€ 126

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You’re probably thinking of taking this course because you want to up your photography game. Maybe you’re an aspiring photographer who wants to have a better understanding of your camera. Maybe you’re a blogger who is tired of using stock photos and would rather capture and share your own imagery to accompany your blog posts. Maybe you’re a business owner who would rather take your own product shots rather than having to outsource it. Or maybe you’re an adventurous Instagrammer who wants to beautifully document your travels. Whoever you are and whatever passions you are pursuing at this moment – this photography course has so much to offer you!

This course is divided into 4 days

Over these 4 days, we’ll cover the tools and techniques that go into taking great photos with both your mobile device and your camera. You’ll learn about lighting and how it can greatly affect your photographs. We’ll discuss different types of composition and how to use various perspectives to capture enamoring imagery. Exposure, Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed and all of the various technical photography jargon you’ve heard and seen but never quite understood – well, we will discussing them all. The only exception is, after this course, you’ll be able to master them like a pro.

All students will have access to the Photography course for unlimited time, and will be able to chat with the instructor via email about any questions that might arise, or join the closed Facebook Group provided inside each course and discuss with instructors and other students as well. This way you can visually see projects, exercises and photographs added by other students and exchange opinions. The Course has been designed in a way to be interesting and helpful for all kinds of creatives.
Section 1Mobile Photography pt1
Section 2Mobile Photography pt2
Section 3Camera Photography
Section 4Light Meter and more