InstructorCorina Nika
TypeOnline Course
DateNov 30, 2017
Price€ 199
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Every beautiful and eye captivating website starts with an inspired graphic designer. Through this course, I will give you all the tools, knowledge and process required to design the perfect custom website which reflects your creativity.


This Custom website design course is providing tools, processes and design step by step only for graphic designers, not developers. This course does not contain coding or programming. The design platform used is Photoshop, however everything shown can be applied on Illustrator as well.


With trends moving on faster than ever, everyone these days competes and wants to draw the eye with an incredible and eye-catching website, by paying thousands on designers, SEO, content and word copy. Living in the era of the internet, one thing more important than a brand identity for a brand, is the website.

In this course, I will not only share the process from start to finish, but also all the tools you can imagine and more, that will make your life easier through the design process, but also the secret ingredients in the collaboration with the developer and the client.

Finally, i will guide you step by step through the process from sitemap to wireframes and comps, with many videos and graphics.

Here is a preview of this course:


The course contains the following 4 modules:


Module 1 | Introduction

The first Module begins with an introduction to what a web designer is and what we do. In addition, you will learn a little more about your collaboration and the process with the web developer and what they should be in charge of, as well as all the right questions you should be making when getting in touch with one.
Included, is a very thorough list of your tools while working on a web design project and an extended resource of helpful websites and widgets.
Lastly, you will learn more about how to price your services, what to include and what to outsource.


Module 2 | The Process

In the second Module, we will talk a little more about your planning and preparing for the design process. The Questionnaire, the moodpboard, how to unlock the website’s needs and review the brand’s standards.
You will learn about the research you’ll need to do, the inspiration and planning as well as an introduction to the first website drafts and sketches.


Module 3 | Designing

Module 3 is all about the design process in theory with many video examples. You will learn how to set up your workspace, in depth designing responsive layouts, working with grid systems, as well as typefaces and colours.
Lastly, i’m explaining in detail all the different file formats that you’ll be using along the way, as well as how to better organise your client folders in two different methods, with video examples in action.


Module 4 | Designing & Wrapping up

The final Module is all about designing and presenting the website to your client and developer. You will learn the base of what makes a web design perfect, and see in action in lengthy videos the process of designing different pages and elements.
Lastly, the best way to present your website and make it interactive for the client to view and the preparation of all the files for your developer. At the end of the course, you will be able to download the psd website files of the sample website we’re using as an example in this course.


All students will have access to the Website Design course for unlimited time, and will be able to chat with the instructor via email about any questions that might arise, or join the closed Facebook Group provided inside each course and discuss with instructors and other students as well. This way you can visually see projects and exercises added by other students and exchange opinions. The Course has been designed in a way to be interesting and helpful for all kinds of creatives.

Section 1Module 1 | Introduction
Section 2Module 2 | The Process
Section 3Module 3 | Designing
Section 4Module 4 | Designing & Wrapping up