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Layout design is such a big topic itself. How to perfectly use space, fonts, editing images, hand letterings, make your content interact with the backgrounds, create artwork, collages, icons on illustrator and so much more. We will cover most of it in the remaining two days. Perfect layout design can not only make your work as a designer known, but it can attract more views to your blog and posts everywhere. Everybody loves some good graphic design candy! 
In this part of the course, i will share the most helpful tools from both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Here is a video preview of this course:


The first of the two Layout Design course days, we will chat mainly about what Photoshop can provide you. From using mockups, to creating custom mockups by yourself. How to edit images, make your hand letterings interact with images, how to create collages, edit scans and flower designs.  


On the final day we will focus mainly on Illustrator. There are so many possibilities on Illustrator that can completely elevate your designs! Create custom icons, work with line art and create layouts that will lift your covers, banners and design work.