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6 Mar 2017

New Features and Style

Hi all!! Incase you haven’t noticed, Cocorrina Design Courses has been updated, had a facelift and is back! Before i begin telling you all the new features available in Cocorrina Design Courses, i would like to thank all the students that have enrolled in the online courses and for all the positive feedback we have received for the courses content.

Introducing News

We decided to include a section in the Online Design Courses from where everyone interested in attending the courses can learn more insides of what is going on that period of time. For example we might have an offer going on for a limited amount of time, or a Giveaway (which will we have a few this year). Also, most importantly, we will let everyone know about new courses release dates, so fasten your seatbelt!

Easier Navigation

Navigating on the website to find more information regarding the course of your choice is much easier now. Colours have been adjusted and the responsive side of the website looks amazing from your Smartphone or Tablet. More to that, completing the course from these mobile devices is more fun and clear after our facelift. All you have to do, is give it a go!

Certificates of attendance

You asked for it! Frοm now on, all students interested in receiving a Certificate which states that they subscribed and attended the course or courses of their choice, all they have to do, is send us an email using any contact form in the courses website, providing us with their legal first and last name. Certificates will be issued in 5-10 business days.

Giveaways notifications

From the News section, find the Giveaway NEON sign located on the sidebar’s top. If “No Active Giveaway at the moment”, then return in a few days, because once that NEON becomes “Active Giveaway Learn More”, you must click on it and follow the instructions to win the price. That easy!!

NEON signs explained
Active Giveaway

If you see this NEON sign, then click it and find out more about the Giveaway!! It might be something pretty important..!

No Active Giveaway

 Tough Luck, nothing is going on these days.. Check back again soon.

Students Portfolio

Say you registered for one of the Online Courses, as you are already a Graphic Designer or an Inspired wanna be one. You completed the design course of your choice, and you are so pumped to practice all the things you learned in the course, so you have created an original Artwork made entirely by you. That is fantastic!! Would you like to get a chance to enter our Students Portfolio? Now all students who have taken any Online Design Course, can send us an email with their creation, and every month we will choose the best among these Artworks, and we will publish them in Cocorrina Courses website, including your full name, a link to your website and/or one social media profile (if you have any) plus a small text written by you, explaining what the Artwork is all about. So, start designing, we have a lot to do!!

More to come

We have many new cool features that we are working on at the moment besides new online courses, but we will let you know in a few months, so Join our Newsletter and stay in touch to be the first to know.